YouTube review

YouTube is a popular video-sharing application that allows you to upload, view, and rate numerous videos posted by people from all around the world. You can download YouTube whether you use an iOS or Android device and enjoy hours of content at your fingertips.

Design and Usability 9/10

The first thing on the list in this YouTube review is the design of this app. The interface of YouTube allows you to find whatever you need easily and quickly. There are three main sections – subscriptions, recommendations, and your account. You can switch from one to another by clicking on the menu below. In terms of visuals, the app uses white and grey as its primary colors, with the occasional pop of their signature red.

The application is extremely easy to use as all you need to do to find videos is either look up your recommendations and subscriptions or type a specific name into the search bar.

Key Functions 9/10

YouTube is a platform that offers videos in all imaginable categories, including tutorials, music videos, documentaries, entertainment videos, and so much more. With this app's help, you can easily organize and manage the content that you enjoy watching on YouTube. The app provides you with a convenient way to watch videos whenever you have your portable device with you.

Using this app, you can see all the videos from your favorite channels in the Subscription tab. The Home tab allows you to see different video recommendations based on what you usually watch. You can add videos to your favorites or create specific playlists to organize your video collection. To see which videos you saved and liked, visit the Account tab.

Like with the desktop site, you can like videos, share them with other people, and leave comments. If you are a creator, you can upload your videos and even edit them directly from your mobile device using this app.

Security 9/10

YouTube wouldn’t be as popular as it is if it wasn’t a reliable and well-developed platform. The app offers a high-security level, and you don’t need to worry about your personal information or other factors. 

In-App Purchases 9/10

You can enjoy the vast majority of content on YouTube entirely for free and upload your videos without paying for anything. At the same time, watching free range means that you will get ads on videos. If you want, you can opt for the YouTube Premium subscription and get the following advantages: no ads, original content, and background and offline playback of videos. 


YouTube is an extremely popular platform, and its official app doesn’t disappoint. It has an easy-to-navigate interface, and you can quickly find anything you want to watch. You can add videos to watch for later and discover new favorites in the recommended section. You can download YouTube for your iOS or Android smartphone, and you will always have something to watch wherever you go.


  • Available for free for Android and iOS phones
  • Convenient and user-friendly interface
  • A huge number of different videos
  • Easy ways to organize your favorite content


  • Contains ads
  • Some inappropriate comments and videos
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 9
Usability 9
Cross-platform use 9