Walmart review

Walmart is the shopping app designed by Walmart chain of stores. It was made for Walmart customers and available for free on both mobile platforms. The app was released in 2019. The app was downloaded over 50 million times by Android users.

Design and Usability 9/10

Too many products, too many great offers at once. It looks like Walmart app developers wanted to bring all the important information to you on the main screen. You have to take a good look at the screen to see everything in detail. For example, the description of the product and its price are located on the same page with the map of the stores where you can actually buy this product. It looks a little bit messy.

Key Functions 10/10

This app is on-demand among Walmart customers. It was made to ease the whole purchasing process. And it works quite well. Walmart’s main benefits:

  • Free products’ shipping. You don’t even have to pay a membership fee. All the products you’ve ordered will be delivered without a charge;
  • Walmart Pay function. This is another great tool. You can pay via this app at the store;
  • Reorder. There is an option that allows you to change your mind and order something new instead. No need to call Walmart officials;
  • Gigantic catalog. You can see all the products available in Walmart. The app has even more products that you can find in the local Walmart store. It checks all the goods that Walmart chain of stores sell;
  • Check the product in the store. If you prefer to go to the actual store for products, you can check whether they are available in advance. And if there are no products you need in one store, you can check the stores' map with these products.

Security 10/10

Walmart app asks for multiple personal details. You start by giving access to use your location to check the closest stores nearby. After that app asks you to register your profile, if you want to make online orders or pay via the Walmart Pay system, you will be asked a number of your credit cards. This is why Walmart company increased its security. Your personal information stays confidential.

In-App Purchases 10/10

Walmart app is free of charge. It does not offer you any in-app purchases. However, it contains a lot of ads from Walmart. You are going to see their new products, best deals, and season sales. But this is why the app was made for. This is the main purpose of Walmart. There are products that you can buy via the app. It is considered for Walmart customers. Users who do not have Walmart in their area or prefer other stores simply do not need this app.


Walmart app is a product of Walmart company, made for its audience. The app is highly appreciated by people who use the online order system and know everything about upcoming sales. There is a simple system of navigation and a little bit messy interface. The app is free. You can check it out at any time. It still requires an Internet connection.


  • Free of charge
  • Bonuses from Walmart
  • High-security protection
  • Numerous features.


  • Messy interface
  • For Walmart customers.
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 10
Usability 10
Cross-platform use 10