Shazam - Discover Music

Shazam - Discover Music review

Shazam is an app made by Apple Inc. This is an advanced identifier of any song, TV show, movie, or even advertisement you have heard or seen. Each month over 100 million users enter the app, searching for songs that keep spinning in their heads. Shazam has a long history that starts in 1999. Only in 2019 it was fully released for Android and iOS platforms.

Design and Usability 5/5

Shazam is a well-structured app. It was made for people searching for some song or movie and did not have time to learn how to use the app. There is a convenient catalog of your options in the upper bar on your screen. You can check videos, songs, lyrics, ads from it. Your main tools are placed on the screen. All the other features are hidden in the menu, few taps away from you. The app's design was made to not distract you from the bright colors of song, movie, or album covers.

Key Functions 5/5

Shazam uses a built-in microphone from your smartphone or PC. All you have to do is play a song, and in 10 seconds, Shazam will make a detailed report. It works with audio fingerprints. This is a complicated system that involves a spectrogram time-frequency graph. In plain English, Shazam checks all the world's songs until it finds the song with the same fingerprint. Sounds cool, right?

The app also offers to check what other Shazam users were looking for, including celebrities. You may not only see what they were looking for but finding new songs from your favorite singers or bands. There are YouTube videos that appear if you are looking for video. You can share songs or videos you’ve found with your friends. You may add these songs to Spotify or Apple Music playlists. Even Pandora radio may be launched with the songs you have found.

Security 5/5

Shazam offers you privacy in your search. You don’t have to share the history of your discoveries. On the other hand, you can always take a look at the history of the search shared by your favorite singers or your friends. After you share the list, you have to prepare to become public and seen by the group of people you have chosen. There is a privacy policy in the app, and you may want to get to know them before using Shazam.

In-App Purchases 10/10

Shazam is a free app. It does not contain ads like similar free of charge apps. It does not offer in-app purchases. All you need is to meet the basic requirements for your platform. You don’t even need to stay connected to the Internet. Some options of the app work offline after a recent update. It would be beneficial if you had a Spotify or Apple Music account.


Shazam is a brilliant app for everyone who has a song or phrase from a movie stacked in the head. If you can’t get it out, this app will help you find the name of this song, search for the movie, TV show, and advertisement. It has a user-friendly interface, really intuitive, and does not require much from you. Despite being free of charge, it does not contain ads and does not offer in-app purchases to improve its services.


  • Easy to use the app
  • Convenient catalog
  • Connection with celebrities
  • Free of charge
  • Smart AI search in 10 seconds


  • Surprisingly addictive
  • Too many options to choose from
Interface and Design 10
Key Functions 10
Usability 10
Cross-platform use 10