Mobile Tracker for Android

Mobile Tracker for Android review

The Mobile Tracking APK Download with GPS locator is a tool for your Google Android to keep track of your loved ones and know their locations, with an added Instant Messaging capability. Don’t feel any pressure if you don’t know where your kids are. Connect with them instantly anywhere they are.

Design 9/10

The Google Play app offers a simple yet effective interface with an intuitive design, and this gets it a rating of 9/10. The Home screen is well organized into a dashboard with menu functions such as My Location, My Travelling, Chat/Inbox, Track Devices, and Tracking Pin, among others. Navigating through the various options is comfortable, and the UI is quite convenient.  The design of the UI on the Android app is well thought out, efficient, and responsive. 

Functionality 5/10

Though the app has a nice design, most of its purported features aren’t functional, at least not on my device. Therefore, I rate this section at a 5/10. Once you download the app, the first step is to register your phone number and tracking pin or selected password. With GPS functionality enabled on your phone, the app will record your location and start saving your traveling locations. 
To keep tabs on several devices, these also need to be registered on the app. To view those device locations, you need to have their pins too. You can chat for free through IM with any of the devices on your list, and those conversations are also saved in your phone memory. 

Once you’ve located a device on the app, you will be able to view the total distance and duration and the shortest path on Google Maps to that device. The Share Location function helps you turn off your location if you need privacy at some periods. 
The APK is download free although there are in-app purchases offering products such as ads free at 41.99. 

This app is only compatible with Android mobile devices (Android 4.0 or higher). The latest version offers increased server speed, a better UI, and fast-tracking. 

Ease of Use 5/10

I experienced a lot of freezing with this app, and the tracking feature also didn’t occasionally work even after installing updates. There are too many ads on the free version, and these intrude on the working screen. The app wants you to rate it even before using it. The UI is pleasant, though, and is also quite simple to navigate through.

Final Opinion

Due to the overall inefficiency of the app, I wouldn’t rate this as a leading GPS locator, though it is quite an innovative idea. It’s a cool way to keep track of your kids, especially and gives you one less thing to worry about. I wouldn’t absolutely recommend it unless the developers fixed all these issues. 


  • Great UI
  • Offers two way pin control
  • Support available 24/7


  • To connect with other devices, these all have the Mobile Tracker installed
  • Too many bugs
  • App for all Android devices but not available for iOS
Interface and Design 9
Key Functions 5
Usability 5
Cross-platform use 8