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Clash Royale review

You may be thinking, “Clash Royale: another Supercell game like Clash of Clans?” Not really. Think of Clash Royale as zooming into the actual battle sequence in CoC. A cross between a TD, MOBA, and real-time strategy game. This game does well to deviate from the path set by its predecessor, and in the process, provides an entirely new experience, unlike most others on the App Store or Google Play. Two opposing teams battle each other, with each having a King’s castle flanked by two outposts. Destroying the king’s castle automatically leads to a victory. Otherwise, the player with the most destroyed towers wins. 

Graphics 8/10

A big thumbs up has to be given to the unique and beautiful card collection that uplifts the game's entire spirit. The main playing window is made up of a 2D plan view, which is slightly inclined to let you see a good part of the moving units. There are twelve different areas, giving the game a lot of color and variety. While playing from an entirely top-down perspective sucks out a lot of fun from the game, especially because it’s difficult to see what is happening below, you’ll still enjoy a good fight. The arenas revolve from grass to clay courts, adding to the aesthetics.

Controls 8/10

With Clash Royale, it’s all about deploying the best card against your opponent. You do this through a combination of tapping on the card that you desire from the bottom deck and deploying it on the location you find most appropriate. You have no control over how your troops move after you place them on the field. Therefore, you should have a solid strategy before deploying them on the battlefield. The screen is free of clutter and is also quite responsive, so you’ll appreciate how seamless the controls are. Clash Royale is better optimized for a mobile device with a large screen. 

Lasting Appeal 9/10

Clash Royale can break out from under the shadow of its predecessor and carve its own niche as a game worth spending your time and money on. You won’t get bored at all with this game, and if you do run out of elixir and bonuses to spend, you can always come back after a few hours. It does show the potential to get highly addictive, but this probably won’t be a problem if you run out of cash. 

Difficulty 7/10

The first hour or so shows you how to play the game in the training ground arena. Afterward, you have to find your way to beating opponents by strategically unveiling cards. Chests take hours to unlock, and this brings you back to that nagging paywall. Even so, the levels that don’t need you to spend real-world money bless you with enough strategy and depth to keep you going until the next unlocked freebie. 


While it does have its limitations, Clash Royale manages to stand out and even be an enigma on its own. It has multiple cards and characters of different abilities, which spice everything up. While devoid of the 3D beauty of console battles, the combat is fast-paced and exhilarating enough to keep you locked on the edge of your seat. 

Graphics 8
Sound 8
Gameplay 8
Lasting Appeal 9


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