Stay Grammar Correct with Mobile Applications

Grammar is important for communication. Don’t you agree that this is not only about respect to the language you use or about your level of education? This is a wide field of research.

Choosing forms of the words to express your thoughts and states, putting them together, and setting sentences in a paragraph, you do grammar. Knowing about the rules of that processes helps you understand other people, make text clear and precise. Thus, you develop your reasoning skills and ability to express yourself. The language itself really works. Refusing its tools, you restrict yourself, prejudice your chances of success, build contacts, achieve your goals, and get exactly what you want to get.

Not all of us can boast of perfect grammar – this is true. While in most cases, it is okay, but there are situations when the wrong spelling is not good or almost forbidden. Sometimes you cannot misuse or cut out words and avoid misunderstanding. Also, there are people whose responsible choice is to be faultless under any circumstances. There are a lot of reasons for being grammatically correct.

If you refuse to work on your grammar or have not spare time to spend on language difficulties, you can install the application that will do it for you. We will consider the apps for Android dedicated to English grammar, telling you the proper usage and spelling of various words.

Our Recommendations

Perhaps this is not the most efficient tool, but it can be used playfully. We are talking about an ebook platform. Find any educational book about spelling or grammar at Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, or any other and enjoy. If a platform is free, usually, the literature has its price, but it is worth it. You will get access to the experts’ opinions, accurate rules, clear explanations – a lot of information that is always within reach. You can check the rule as many times as you need to remember it.

Another free, generally available resource that can be of help is YouTube. Here you will be able to find content about grammar and punctuation. Various educational channels teach you to write and speak. But you have to make efforts and find them.
As to the applications, we would recommend Basic English Grammar. You will enhance your grammar with its help. It suggests 480 tests based on 230 lessons provided. You will enjoy an easy Material Design UI supporting over 100 languages. An in-built translator is allowing you to view the meaning of the foreign words you are learning. Be ready for ads in a free version.

Probably, the oldest grammar app is English Grammar Book. Here you will find lessons developed for particular grammar rules. You stand almost no chance at mistake! Over 130 grammar points will be worked through. There are explanations that everybody can understand, examples, and short activities that allow improving appliance. You can bookmark lessons to return to them quickly later. The app suggests a medal system giving you reasons for achievements and providing feedback about your results. Though the update is required, in general, it works rather well.

There is an application developed based on professor Raymond Murphy’s book. This is English Grammar in Use. It provides plenty of grammar activities, refreshing your knowledge and proving your understanding of 145 grammar points. The free version is less diverse. If you want to benefit from the app the most, make in-app purchases. We should confess that this product is rather expensive, but its creator is reputable, and the result is excellent. Even if you face some bugs, the content is irreproachable.

If you want to know the most popular grammar apps, we would mention the English Grammar Test. A lot of content is available here, including 1 200 exercises for different levels of knowledge. The app tracks the scores and shows your progress. It will take some time to complete the entire program. Well, again, the ads will interrupt, but you can find something useful in them.

One of the newest products in this field is Grammarly looking like a keyboard with a perfect auto-correct feature. When you type, you will be corrected as to mistakes in punctuation, verb forms, spelling, and others.

And of course, you will benefit from Dictionary apps, which are needed when you study any language. You will be suggested definitions of words, their spelling, audio pronunciations, and examples of usage. There are vocabulary puzzles. You can use a voice search even in the free version. If you want to get more, buy the paid version without advertising.

The Oxford Grammar and Punctuation application are handy in clarifying over 250 grammar and punctuation rules. You can count on tons of examples and lessons. If you buy the full version, you will get offline support.

At last, we would like to consider Udemy. This is a learning platform available online only and covering various topics and not only languages. Here you can find cooking hints, tech assistance, fitness exercises, and language rules with grammar lessons. How does it work? You are suggested to purchase a course with videos, watch them, and learn. There is different video content, which varies in price, duration, and quality. People leave reviews here, and you can decide whether you need those videos. The app is free partially, but you will have to pay for most of the courses.

Importance of Grammar in Daily Life

Correct grammar is a powerful key to using language fluently and feeling confident. If you’re looking for a respectful job and preparing a resume or accepting an interview invitation, be sure that an employer will be interested in the quality of your language regardless of the position. Bad spelling and grammar make a bad showing. On the contrary, your correct grammar will demonstrate that you’re studious and intelligent. This is equally important when you are studying, communicating with other people, even with your friends, ordering in restaurants, and more.

When you have one of the above grammar applications or even some of them on your mobile device, you will have needed tips at your fingertips. We believe this article brings the information you need. Share it to pass it on.