TOP 10 Best iOS Video Games of the Last Years

Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal game screenshot

At the BlizzCon conference, Diablo Immortal for mobile devices on iOS was announced. The game is a full-fledged action-RPG with hack and slash mechanics.

The game tells about the archangels Tyrael and Malthael, the adventures of Deckard Cain, and other six characters. There are many different locations, characters will have various abilities, and there will be a lot of MMO-elements.

House Flipper

House Flipper game screenshot

House Flipper is a game, in which players have the opportunity to become a man-repair brigade to restore the dilapidated housing. Players can both restore houses, building their ideal dream home, and give vent to their anger by breaking something or turning it into ruins. Then you can try and sell it all.

Age of Civilizations II

Age of Civilizations II game screenshot

Age of Civilizations II is a sandbox strategy where players find themselves on a world map and then try to conquer this world using military power or diplomatic options. Players have access to many different civilizations, a huge map, as well as the ability to rewrite history as they see it.


Riot: Civil Unrest game screenshot

Riot: Civil Unrest is a simulator in which you can play the role of a person who suffered from the economic crisis and took to the streets along with others. Players can play as the rioters, pouring Molotov cocktails on the police and warming up the crowd, or they can join the ranks of law enforcement officers trying to quell popular uprisings.

Scythe: Digital Edition

Scythe: Digital Edition game screenshot

Scythe: Digital Edition is a digital adaptation of the tabletop game, the events of which unfold in the 20th-century alternative universe, invented by the artist Jakub Rozalski. Players will have to take control of one of several countries and lead it to victory.

Gears POP!

Gears POP! game screenshot

Gears POP! is a game version of Gears of War made in the style of figurines from the Funko POP company. This is also the first part of the series, designed not for home systems, but for your iOS device.

Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods

The authors of the game about the adventures of an anthropomorphic cat named Mae Borowski announced on Twitter about the release of its iOS version. The game is currently available for Windows, PS4, Mac, and Linux.

Mae belongs to a world where nothing human is alien to animals. The story begins from the moment when the protagonist drops out of college and returns to her native provincial town Possum Spring, without having plans for the future. However, soon Mae’s attention is attracted by a mysterious forest near the city.

Kingdom: Two Crowns

Kingdom: Two Crowns game screenshot

The Kingdoms series is known all over the world due to extraordinary gameplay combining an economic and survival simulator. At GDC 2018, Rawfury showed a demo version of the third game named Kingdoms: Two Crowns.
Initially, it was supposed to be an addition for Kingdoms: New Lands, but over time it became an independent game. You will be asked to collect all the resources and skillfully allocate them for the construction of the Kingdom and its protection.


Artifact game screenshot

For the first time, the company announced its intention to release KKI at The International 2017. But most recently, Gabe Newell at the presentation of Valve shared information about the upcoming project – Artifact.

Combining the ideas of a MOBA game and a card tabletop game turned out to be an interesting solution. Each duel will occur on three lines at once – upper, middle, and lower. The towers will be key objects, the destruction of which will affect the outcome of the battle. You will have mana and gold, as well as the ability to wear a variety of equipment and get resurrected after death.

Mad World

Mad World game screenshot?

Mad World is a multiplayer game, which takes place in the expanses of the wastelands. The player will have to assume the role of the Wanderer, who is trying to escape from the harsh reality in this post-apocalyptic world. On your path, you will encounter hordes of monsters of various colors and other Wanderers.