Applications Making IMessage Available for Everybody

iMessage is an instant messaging service developed by Apple Inc. for iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch. It allows sending a message of almost any format over the Internet to the above devices' owner with this service. Users prefer this method due to its high speed. iMessage is faster if we compare it with SMS because it applies different technology to send content. The service is free and unlimited over Wi-Fi.

The owners of Android mobile devices have not benefited from the above advantages until recently, and that was unfair. Now there is no sense to change a smartphone because Android is really in demand thanks to its lasting battery life, cool design, tons of stunning features. This service is available to everybody regardless of the device. Applications allow you to send and receive text messages, documents, videos, photos, and location, even if you own an Android smartphone. We suggest considering a couple of them.

iMessages on Android is Possible

weMessage is an application allowing you to see the messaging service from Apple on your device with an Android operating system. It serves as a server. You should find the app at the store and install it on your phone following the instructions. Now, log in from Mac or any device with iOS, and it will send the content directly to your Android device. You are allowed to attach files, create groups, and apply the most amazing features of iMessage. Security is guaranteed.

There is no magic in this possibility. The app redirects iMessage messages normally directed to Apple’s service to a Mac from where it is sent further to an Android device. That is why to succeed in this activity. You should have a macOS computer.
Also, you can download another application - AirMessage enabling an Android device to send and receive iMessages. Again it is a kind of server-based service. You should find it at the Google Play store, download, install following the recommendations on the screen, and install the JavaScript needed on the Mac. When everything is done, you can use it without restrictions, attaching photos, videos, any other files to your messages. They will be directed from your Android device to a receiver. It is possible to take part in a group chatting in iMessage. Enjoy a dark theme, plenty of funny stickers, effects, and other options like reading receipt and tap back.
Remember, if you apply any of the apps sending and receiving iMessage on Android, you should agree that they use your phone data. Thus, we recommend applying the Check Data Usage for Android to monitor your phone data.

Feel Comfortable

iMessage is one of the most required services on Apple devices, and now if you have an Android smartphone, you can count on it. The problem is that this service has been locked down to Apple smartphones since it was released. The developer planned it only for Apple devices. But its popularity grows, and the environment has been tuned to the customers’ needs and preferences. This is a natural process. As a result, we have several tools making it easy to send and receive the content to Android devices using Apple’s messaging network. You can chat in groups, share photos and videos, send vital papers, and ensure security and confidence. In other words, now you can enjoy a clean and efficient messaging experience. Though there is one condition – Mac computer is required to benefit from all the above.

It’s amazing to get this service with its multiple useful features. Just download the application you like and enjoy! Send and receive the content in a free and fast way on your Android phone, just like on the iPhone.

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